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How do online casinos make money?

How do online casinos make money?

That is a question a lot of us have asked at some point in our lives, when gambling online. We see all these great online casinos, trusted ones, the most popular ones, but how do they actually make money? And then there is this saying: “the house always wins”, but how is that true? Keep reading and you will find out!

One way the casino makes money is through poker; when hosting a poker game, the casino charges a fee, known as the “rake” and it varies according to the game that is being played. So, in other words, every time there is a poker game, the casino will also get some money in the pot!

Another way casinos earn money is through the bonuses they offer. You might find a bonus of “bet 20, get 40” or so to be very appealing, BUT there is actually the “wagering requirement” attached to the bonuses, meaning that you can not just deposit the 20 and withdraw 40, you have to play the “free” money as many times as the casino requires, and then you can withdraw. Be careful when choosing online bonuses, as sometimes the wagering requirements are really high!

One of the most popular ways, known to everyone in the gambling industry, that online casinos make money is through their affiliate program. Instead of the casino running the promotions and “doing all the work”, players do it for them. The players can sign up via links given to them while searching for the online casino they want, deposit and play; that way the casino increases its revenue and in return, the affiliate gets a cut as well. In this particular situation everyone wins, the casino, the affiliate and the player who got to take advantage of a “special offer” too.

Apart from the above, we also need to take a very important fact that increases the casino’s winnings into consideration; the thrill of gambling. People love the “unknown” and are drawn by it. Some do it because they love it, some because they want to escape reality, some because they need that dose of excitement, but overall, as long as there are players out there who love gambling, the casino will always earn money. And the casinos know about this, that is why they use special marketing tactics, tools, skills, graphics etc, to make sure they will attract new customers and retain the ones they already have.

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