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Reasons why an online casino can block your account

Reasons why an online casino can block your account

When participating in major online casinos, you will be notified right away that your account has been blocked. Additionally, if you try to access a game or transfer funds into or out of the casino site, another “alert” will pop up, informing you that your activity has been blocked. Blocked players also receive an email regarding they have been banned from that casino. Let’s focus now on why do online casinos block your account.

Firstly, to guarantee your safety as a new player, online casinos must have all their customers verify their accounts, also known as the KYC (Know Your Customer) process. By submitting either an ID or any other form that proves your identity, you can complete the process and protect yourself from having your account blocked by an unlicensed casino. KYC process is not only important for verifying peoples’ identities, but is also crucial for anti-money laundering through gambling.

Regulation offices worldwide are very strict when it comes to underage gambling. All casinos are required to block any minors from every participating in any games. That happens when creating an account and sending an ID, revealing the actual age of the player. If there is evidence that an online casino is allowing underaged people onto the platform, they risk having their license suspended and facing a large penalty fine.

Another reason why an online casino can block your account is duplicate accounts. There is a rule; “one account per person”. Some people try to create different account so as to take advantage of any bonuses or promotions, through the same IP. The casino has the right though to block the accounts and ban this person from ever playing in there again.

When someone has too many unsuccessful login attempts, their account can be blocked by the casino. This is mostly done by hackers trying to find the password. The player’s account though can be reactivated, once they get in touch with the customer support and follow the verification process.

Last but not least, a casino has the right to block your account when suspicious activity is going on, meaning any patterns that appear to happen when betting. For example, if someone bets on a specific poker hand or places a huge bet on a slot machine, but at specific times. Online casinos use AI and can prevent cheaters from taking advantage of the games.

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